Harrisburg Area Community College Prepares for Layoffs, Tuition Hike

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After years of growth, Harrisburg Area Community College is facing some difficult choices. A decrease in enrollment along with proposed cuts in state and federal funding will require officials to raise tuition and, beginning today, notify employees about impending layoffs.

The college’s board of trustees passed a $180.2 million budget that will mean restructuring the college. At least 19 people, most of them in professional and administrative positions, will lose their jobs, college President John H. Sygielski said Wednesday after a meeting at HACC’s midtown complex.

Starting with the second summer session in July, all students will see tuition increases. Students from 22 school districts that sponsor HACC pay lower tuition than those residing in other districts.

There will be a $3-per-credit-hour increase for in-state students from sponsoring school districts, a $6-per-credit-hour increase for students from other Pennsylvania school districts and a $9-per-credit-hour increase for out-of-state students.

The budget also will freeze pay until January, when all employees will receive a 2.5 percent raise.

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