Harford CC OKs Operating Budget Planning To Spend 1.8% More

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The Harford Community College Board of Trustees unanimously approved a plan Tuesday evening to spend $47,019,736 in the 2013-14 fiscal year, an increase in spending of $829,448, or 1.8 percent, over the current fiscal year.

The proposed operating includes a much-reported increase to $92 per credit hour tuition and a 4 percent increase in funding from the county government.

"This is a truncated, abbreviated version of what you've seen for the past few months," Fredrick P. Johnson, HCC's vice president for finance and operations, told the trustees at their monthly meeting.

The most significant change is the increased funding being sought from the county. The preliminary Fiscal Year 2013-14 budget seeks $15,560,076 from the county, an increase of $598,464 from the current year's $14,961,612, according to budget sheets distributed at the trustees meeting.

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