Haiku Brings Big Ass Fans’ Famous Engineering To Smaller Spaces

Ann McClure's picture

Backed by years of research and development and hundreds of prototypes, Haiku, a revolutionary small fan from the company known worldwide for its large diameter, low speed fans, reflects that attention to detail. Its industry-leading efficiency, silent motor, tops-in-class airflow, sustainable materials, quality craftsmanship and minimalist design combine to create the perfect air-moving machine. With eight patents worldwide, Haiku is a true original.  

Haiku ceiling fans look different because they are different. The sleek look conceals Sensorless Drive Technology™ that delivers an 80% improvement in efficiency over conventional ceiling fan motors, exceeding ENERGY STAR® requirements for CFM per Watt by 450 to 750%. Requiring only 2 to 30 W, in a typical year a Haiku fan would require 50 kWh, for a cost of around $5

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