HAI Announces Controller Firmware Update for ZigBee and Z-Wave Door Lock Integration

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Home Automation, Inc. (HAI), manufacturer of integrated security and home automation products since 1985, announced the development of enhanced controller firmware to allow two-way integration with both ZigBee and Z-Wave wireless door locks.

Integrating a Z-Wave or ZigBee wireless door lock into an HAI Omni or Lumina home control system means increased access control with cutting-edge electronic locks from various manufacturers.  Users gain the ability to lock and unlock up to 16 doors from HAI Ethernet Touchscreens, keyfobs, and remotely via mobile Apple/Android devices.  The HAI controller can lock and unlock the locks, in addition to monitoring the state of the locks.  HAI systems may even be configured to automatically set lighting, music, and temperature based on the locked/unlocked status of the door. 

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