'GW Housing Horrors' details terrible dorm rooms at very expensive college

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What is a university to do, when it discovers a stray handcuff locked to a pipe in a vacated dorm room?

If a posted photo is to be believed, one of the country's most expensive institutes of higher education decided it would be best to just paint over the restraint device, before a new tenant moved in.

The "GW Housing Horrors" Facebook page is a compendium of, as the name would suggest, objectionable conditions in the dorms of George Washington University, a D.C.-based school where tuition for the 2013-2014 academic year is $47,290, room and board another $10,850.

Ayla Nejad, one of the unhappy residents who started the Facebook page, told Mashable she'd spent $4,200 to live in a GW residence hall this summer, while doing an unpaid internship . The problems she encountered included a "visibly soiled toilet, a shower head that had become dislodged from the wall, a refrigerator completely covered in an orange rust-like substance and a desk chair that had a hole the size of a small frying pan burnt through the seat."

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