GVSU's Response To Student Who Wanted Guinea Pig In Campus Apartment Was Misguided, Lawsuit Says

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Grand Valley State University attempted to “limit the rights” of students when it failed to follow federal guidelines by not accommodating a student who asked to keep a guinea pig in her campus apartment for emotional support.

That’s according to the Fair Housing Center of West Michigan, which this week filed a response to GVSU’s request that the center’s federal lawsuit against the university for violations of the Fair Housing Act be dropped.

“The Fair Housing Center of West Michigan has tried – unsuccessfully – to educate and convince the Defendants that the Fair Housing Act … (does) indeed apply to their on campus programs,” according to the Fair Housing Center.

“Yet for reasons not articulated – or stated publicly – Defendants continue to act under the misguided belief that they can selectively choose which federal law with which they will comply,” the center said.

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