GVSU Students Create 'Zero Waste' Initiative For Football Games

Ann McClure's picture

Looking to boost recycling, Grand Valley State University is launching what it’s calling a zero waste initiative at its home football games.

The initiative, being launched for this weekend’s homecoming game against Northwood University, will increase the number of recycle and compost bins on campus and parking lots where fans tailgate.

The idea is that the more waste recycled, the less trash that’s sent to a landfill.

“Getting to zero waste is a goal, not an exception,” Steve Leeser, operations supervisor for facilities services, said in a statement. “Right now we’re focusing on educating people about the importance of recycling and composting.”

There’s plenty of opportunity to collect recyclables. Students, attending one game, collected more than 200 pizza boxes and 1,800 cans and bottles.

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