Group Fights Higher Graduate School Tuition

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Iowa public university students protested both rising tuition costs and funding cuts at a state Board of Regents meeting Thursday.

Student government leaders, sitting across a table from the Regents board, urged college officials to reverse a tuition proposal that raises tuition on graduate students and threatens academic quality by proposing a tuition freeze when state funding remains uncertain.

As the students spoke, 10 protesters silently challenged the proposed tuition hikes for graduate students, which range from less than 1 percent at University of Northern Iowa to nearly 2.5 percent for non-resident students at University of Iowa. The demonstrators held signs, including one that read, “The tuition’s too darn high.”

The board, which oversees Iowa’s universities, was hearing feedback on its proposal for next year’s tuition costs, which includes a tuition freeze for all undergraduate Iowans. A vote on 2013-14 tuition levels is expected in December.

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