A Green Alternative for Permeable Pavers

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Installing Permeable Pavers for Stormwater Management? Why Not Use a Green Paver?

VAST Offers Pavers that are Permeable and Green…

VAST® Composite Permeable Pavers (4x8-inches) reduce the volume and velocity of stormwater runoff by infiltrating 4.9 gallons of rainwater per square foot per minute. They are manufactured in VAST's engineered composite material that includes 95 percent post-consumer recycled rubber and plastics. The composite material is more giving and forgiving than the hard, abrasive surface of concrete pavers, making the VAST Pavers a safer and more comfortable surface. They provide slip resistance and are manufactured with spacer lugs engineered to maintain a precise 0.275-inch space between pavers in conformance with ADA requirements.

Manufacturing VAST Composite Pavers requires 95 percent less energy than concrete product manufacture, emits 96 percent less in greenhouse gasses compared to concrete products, generates no volatile organic compounds, yields zero scrap, and creates cradle-to-cradle green products that are themselves 100 percent recyclable.

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