GRCC turns to public safety contractor to help improve emergency preparedness

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Grand Rapids Community College is working with a public safety contractor to strengthen its emergency response plan, a process that’s been ongoing for months but has taken on a special significance in the wake of a mass school shooting in Connecticut.

Administrators in October entered into a contract with Praecipio, a Grandville-based business that’s helping examine whether the college’s emergency response plan needs improvement and is consistent with how nearby public safety agencies approach disaster preparedness.

“I can’t say there’s been any ‘aha’ revelations that I didn’t already know about,” said GRCC Police Chief Rebecca Whitman. “The case is, we’re making sure we’re documenting things in the framework properly, using the right resources, using the right language, and being consistent with others.”

Gary Szotko, a retired deputy fire chief from the city of Grand Rapids, is listed as Praecipio’s senior project manager.

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