GRCC Responds To Pricing And Scheduling Concerns Raised By MLive Reader

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Paying for a college education has long been a challenge for students, especially those who don’t qualify for free financial aid or receive scholarships.

That’s the situation one MLive reader faced while pursuing an associate degree at Grand Rapids Community College. With children at home and unwilling to take on debt, emkode pursued an education in a way few other students do – stretching it over 20 years.

“I don’t qualify for any assistance and I won’t take out loans for schooling, so I take classes when I can afford to pay for them with cash,” emokode wrote in the comment thread of a recent MLive story about GRCC’s graduation and student retention rate.

While emkode’s situation doesn’t represent the typical student experience at GRCC, college administrators say they try to provide ways to help such students pay for their education.

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