Grand Rapids Community College Professors Say They Won't Strike When Contract Expires Next Week

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Grand Rapids Community College professors say there is no chance they'll walk off the job when their contract expires in a week.

Union President Frederick van Hartesveldt III said negotiators have been meeting with administration representatives for three months, and he said they will continue talking even if the can not shake hands on a deal before Aug. 31. Classes start on Monday.

The move comes as professors at Central Michigan University walked off the job on Monday, and were ordered back to work today by an Isabella County judge. The contract for 600 CMU professors expired on June 30, and the union has accused the administration of failing to negotiate in good faith.

“The only time the word strike has been heard around here has been in discussions about what's happening at CMU,” van Hartesveldt said Tuesday. “There is some anxiety about the contract expiring, but we're talking. If the deadline passes without a deal, I'm sure we can work out an extension while we keep talking. Students will have class on Monday.”

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