Governor Gets CSU, UC Increases Halted

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One week after voters approved his plan to raise taxes to protect public schools and prevent tuition increases, Gov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday persuaded both the University of California and California State University to postpone votes on fee hikes scheduled for this week.

The governor said the timing - on the heels of Proposition 30's win - was wrong. Brown had campaigned for Prop. 30 on the promise that it would keep college costs down while helping public schools and the state budget.

But even as Brown campaigned, university administrators prepared to seek fee increases, with or without Prop. 30's passage. On Tuesday, UC and CSU backed off those plans after hearing from Brown and after Brown scheduled appearances before each university's governing board.

The UC regents, meeting in San Francisco, where Brown scheduled a visit for Wednesday, postponed a vote on raising fees for students in professional degree programs. The CSU trustees, meeting in Long Beach, delayed indefinitely a decision on whether to raise fees for students who stay in school after being eligible to graduate or who take more classes than is typical.

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