Gov. Scott Challenges Community Colleges To Offer $10,000 Degrees

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Borrowing a page from Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s playbook, Florida Gov. Rick Scott announced Monday a push to offer $10,000 bachelor’s degree programs at community colleges.

The $10,000 figure would cover the cost of tuition for all four years of college, though if Texas is any indication, it would not include items such as textbooks.

The initiative won initial support from at least one school — St. Petersburg College — and also praise from several state education leaders. Florida Education Commissioner Pam Stewart released a statement saying “Florida needs to ensure that students have access to college and are able to afford that next step.”

In Texas, backers of the $10,000 degree have praised it for focusing college administrators’ attention on the issue of cost. In-state tuition has been rising fast in states across the country, and student loan debt nationally now exceeds consumer credit card debt.

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