Gosselin: Pay For Play In College? It's Here For Players Who Realize It (Opinion)

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Safety Jordan Kovacs will leave the University of Michigan as one of the most respected players in the school’s illustrious football history. He will leave as a four-year starter, one of the school’s all-time tacklers and a team captain.

Kovacs also will depart with a six-figure debt to the university.

Kovacs enrolled at Michigan as a walk-on from Toledo, Ohio, in 2008. He spent his first year on campus as a full-time student, nursing a knee injury, then became a starter for the Wolverines in his second year in 2009. At the end of that scholastic year, Michigan awarded him a football scholarship.

But his debt clock ran for two years before that scholarship arrived. Kovacs needed to take out student loans to pay the annual $50,000 it costs an out-or-stater for room, board and tuition at Michigan.

For all those in the chorus singing that popular tune that colleges should pay their football players — I maintain they already are.

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