Glendell Jones is a leader of a ‘magical place’

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“I love working here,” Glendell Jones, president of Henderson State University, told the audience at his investiture as president. “This campus is a place where magical things can happen every day. It can be physics students building their own version of a Segway and riding it around campus; the marching band playing as they cross the campus; or students serving their community as they did in the recent Reddie to Serve Day, when the students came, it rained, they stayed, and they worked, helping citizens of Arkadelphia.”

The investiture, held more than 16 months after President Jones took up the top job at the university, was defined as the “formal ceremony conferring the authority and symbols of the high office.” The academic event, with its origins dating back to the Middle Ages, “celebrates a new era of commitment to the pursuit of knowledge on the HSU campus in Arkadelphia.”

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