Get The Truck Out Of Here! Rutgers' Famous Grease Trucks Forced By University Board To Relocate

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So long, grease truck lot.

Rutgers University's governing board approved a $295 million deal today to buy part of the New Brunswick Theological Seminary and redevelop other university properties to build a series of classrooms, apartments, dorms, retail space and parking lots in the center of the New Brunswick campus. Rutgers officials stressed, though the grease trucks may be moving from their current location, their "fat sandwiches" and other food will still be available on campus. The trucks will likely be parked in multiple locations and have a permanent presence in the new apartment building on Lot 8.

The plan includes moving the grease trucks — the beloved food vans that have become an institution in Lot 8 on College Avenue — to make way for an apartment building. The building will have a spot for a grease truck-like restaurant on the ground floor, campus officials said.

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