Georgia university system to consider tobacco ban on campuses

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On the way back to his apartment on the residential property of Dalton State College, Timon Wilson will sometimes make a quick stop. He is not a chain smoker, but as an 18-year-old freshman experiencing the rigors of college life for the first time, Wilson puffs an occasional cigarette after class.

"I'm under 21, so it's not like I'm drinking," Wilson said. "I'm smoking a cigarette."

With the exception of the smoking hut Wilson visits, Dalton State is a tobacco-free campus. In a 2008 survey at the school, 67 percent of participants voted for the ban, which includes smokeless forms of tobacco.

But even the occasional smoke in a designated area by Wilson and other college students across Georgia may become a thing of the past in 2014.

The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia that oversees Dalton State, the University of Georgia and 29 other universities and colleges in Georgia heard a proposal to ban all forms of tobacco on member campuses at its first meeting of the year.

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