George Washington University Loses U.S. News 'Best Colleges' Ranking Over Data Inflation

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George Washington University is no longer ranked No. 51 on U.S. News & World Report's annual Best Colleges list, due to the revelation that the Washington, D.C. school, had been submitting faulty data to the magazine for more than a decade.

GWU was guilty of inflating the high school grades of its incoming students, reporting to U.S. News that 78 percent of its 2011 matriculates ranked in the top 10 percent of their high school graduating classes. The real number turned out to be much lower at 58 percent.

On Wednesday, Robert Morse, director of data research at U.S. News, explained in a blog post that the magazine decided to drop GWU from No. 51 to "Unranked."

"This Unranked status will last until next fall's publication of the 2014 edition of the Best Colleges rankings, and until George Washington confirms the accuracy of the school's next data submission in accordance with U.S. News's requirements," Morse said.

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