Gavin Newsom Chides Cal State U Trustees Over Tuition Vote

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This week's decision by California State University trustees to raise tuition by 9 percent had the feel of a backroom vote and should be reconsidered next month, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom told the CSU leadership Friday.

Newsom, a trustee, was referring to a vote taken Wednesday after police cleared disruptive protesters from the Long Beach auditorium where the board held its public meeting.

As a violent skirmish broke out between police and protesters outside of the building - but about 10 feet from the auditorium - the trustees moved to a different room.

There they took two votes: one raising tuition, the other asking the state for an additional $471 million next year. Both passed, 9-6. An original budget proposal said the tuition increase would be rescinded if CSU received at least $138 million in new money from the state. The trustees removed that provision while meeting in the new room.

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