Ga. Lawmaker's Push on Illegal Immigration Continues in House

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A bill sponsored by state Sen. Barry Loudermilk, R-Cassville, and passed by the Georgia Senate on a 34-19 vote would bar illegal immigrants from the state's higher-education offerings at universities, colleges and tech schools.

Senate Bill 458, which as of Tuesday remains in the House for consideration, would require post-secondary-school applicants to submit documents verifying their citizenship, according to a Senate press release. It would apply to theUniversity System of Georgia's 35 colleges, including Georgia Highlands College and Kennesaw State University, both of which have a presence in Paulding; and the Technical College System of Georgia's 25 schools, including Chattahoochee Tech.

“The Georgia Board of Regents is re-interpreting federal policy by allowing undocumented students to attend public colleges and universities at the out-of-state tuition cost,” Loudermilk said in a press release. “However, under federal code, post-secondary education is listed as a public benefit and therefore requires applicants to present a secure and verifiable document. SB 458 is meant to clarify legislative intent and ensure our state is in compliance with federal law.”

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