FSU Faculty A 'Farm Team' For Out-Of-State Schools

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The head of Florida State University told Gov. Rick Scott's higher education reform panel Monday that budget cuts are making his faculty a "farm team" for out-of-state schools.

Florida State President Eric Barron advocated letting his university and the University of Florida, the state's top two research schools, raise tuition beyond the current legal limit to overcome the budget cuts. But Scott had already vetoed such an idea two months ago.

Barron said shrinking state support, including a $300 million cut for the State University System in the budget year beginning Sunday, has meant that Florida State cannot prevent its best faculty members from leaving for higher paying jobs. He added that will make it more difficult to attract top students as well as research dollars from corporations and the federal government, key factors in promoting job creation and the state's economic development.

Of 58 arts and sciences faculty members who received outside offers, Florida State was able to retain only eight, Barron said. He said they received offers that averaged $20,000, or 24 percent, more than what they were making at Florida State.

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