Four-Year Schools Courting Community College Graduates

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When Luke Fisher of Westminster graduated from high school five years ago, he had doubts that he could excel at a four-year school. He turned down an offer to attend Towson University and opted instead for Carroll Community College.

Fisher would become editor of the campus newspaper and a peer mentor for first-year college students. He is set to graduate this spring with an associate's degree, and plans now to pursue his bachelor's degree. He's found a couple of area schools โ€” including the University of Maryland and Hood College โ€” that appear particularly eager to have him.

"Their transfer advisers went above and beyond trying to get me to visit their campuses," said Fisher.

He's confident that such attention will lead to acceptance โ€” and he's not alone. Increasingly, four-year colleges are setting their sights on the growing talent pool at community colleges, as those schools have become attractive, less-expensive options for students during the economic downturn.

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