Fort Hays State Leads Kansas Higher Learning In Growth

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Kansas' higher education is "an economic engine" for the state, Fort Hays State University president Ed Hammond said in a visit to Clay Center Tuesday. FHSU is an unique position in that it can offer a quality education for a low cost -- two crucial components in driving economic development.

"Right now with the economy everyone is looking at how do you create more jobs and how do you create more revenue in the state of Kansas?" Hammond said in a talk with the Dispatch.

On average, a person with a bachelor's degree has an annual income that's $22,000 more than a high school's graduate and pay $6,000 a year more in state taxes.

"So if you're trying to stimulate the state economy--it's not rocket science," Hammond said. "It's all about how you grow your educational workforce. How do you get a better educated workforce, how do you get a higher percentage of people with baccalaureate degrees, a higher standard of living and have more robust economy?

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