Former U Of Alabama President Stepped Down Believing His Wife's Life Depended On It

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When Guy Bailey suddenly and unexpectedly resigned as president of the University of Alabama in late October after having been on the job for only 58 days, the reason given was because of the health of his wife.

And that was the truth. But it was not the whole story.

Jan Tillery-Bailey was and indeed still is a woman battling a serious and chronic illness. But that was true on the July day Bailey was hired by the University of Alabama System Board of Trustees to become UA president. It remained true when he showed up for his first day of work on Sept. 4th. And Bailey said his wife's condition remained relatively unchanged from the time he took the job until the time he left it.

Yet Bailey quit the job of leading his alma mater because he came to believe that the life of the woman he loves would have been jeopardized had he remained UA's 36th president.

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