Former Baltimore International President Misused More Than $200,000 In Funds, Court Filing Alleges

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The former president of Baltimore International College allegedly misused more than $200,000 for personal meals, antiques and unapproved salary, according to a legal filing submitted Tuesday by the remaining board of the defunct culinary school.

Roger Chylinski, who founded the college and served as its president from 1980 to 2010, sued Baltimore International for $5 million last year, saying that he was not receiving a monthly retirement benefit of $17,000 promised by his contract.

After settlement talks broke down, the college filed its response Tuesday in Baltimore Circuit Court, alleging that Chylinski's mismanagement led directly to Baltimore International's loss of accreditation at the end of last year. The college also filed a counterclaim, requesting $5 million in damages from Chylinski.

The legal filing says that before Chylinski's removal as president in April 2010, he did nothing to address the college's deepening troubles with its accreditation agency, the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

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