Following Budget Deal, Oklahoma Colleges And Universities Begin to Set Tuition Rates For Next Year

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Two days a week, Chelsea Clouse gets up in the morning, goes to work at a cafe in Mustang, and then goes to class at the University of Central Oklahoma.

These days, Clouse, 21, finds herself spending more time at work and fewer hours in class than she'd like. If her tuition continues to increase, she worries it will only make it more difficult to balance her education with the job she works to pay for it.

“I just study when I have time,” she said. “I do the best that I can.”

Following last week's state budget deal announcement, officials at Oklahoma's colleges and universities are working on their budgets for the coming fiscal year. The process includes deciding whether students such as Clouse will see an increase in tuition and fees in the fall.

Since she started at UCO, Clouse, a business administration major, estimates she's seen her bill for a semester grow by $800-$1,000. She's had to take fewer hours so she can work more to pay for school, she said. She doesn't get much financial help, she said. Whatever isn't covered by student loans, she pays out of pocket.

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