Follett Higher Education Group's Rent-A-Text Saves Students Nearly $90 Million in Just Three Months

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Follett Higher Education Group's Rent-A-Text continues to grow, and remains the most popular choice for students looking to save big on course materials. Just this fall, students across the country saved nearly $90 million compared to the cost of buying new books by using Rent-A-Text. Students also bought more CafeScribe® digital textbooks as sales more than doubled compared to last year's figures.

"The growth and popularity of both Rent-A-Text and CafeScribe® digital textbooks show that we have been successful in meeting the evolving needs of our customers," said Thomas A. Christopher, President of Follett Higher Education Group. "We will continue to grow our offerings to ensure students have more choices and better access to affordable course materials on all of the campuses we serve, both in-store and online."

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