Florida College Students With Undocumented Parents To Get Tuition Break In Spring

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Potentially thousands of U.S. citizens who live in Florida but have been forced to pay higher out-of-state tuition because of their parents’ undocumented immigration status will finally get a break in the spring semester.

The Florida Board of Education, which oversees community colleges, voted unanimously Tuesday not to appeal a Miami federal judge’s ruling that found the state’s policy of charging higher tuition for those students discriminatory.

The Florida Board of Governors, which has authority over state colleges and universities, will likely adopt a similar position when it votes later this week.

In a final order issued last month, U.S. District Judge Michael Moore ruled that all Florida college students with U.S. citizenship living as dependents of undocumented parents can qualify for in-state tuition, starting with the spring 2013 academic term.

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