Flexible Digital Display Technology Stands Poised To Revolutionize How, When And Where Displays Are Used, Says Nanolumens® President Rick Cope

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Advanced flexible display technology is making flexible communications displays cost-effective and allowing owners to position digital signage in previously inaccessible locations and use them in ways that were never possible before. Because of the infinite number of uses and applications that benefit from lightweight displays that can be installed quickly and easily, the flexible display revolution is beginning today.

“Make no mistake about it, NanoLumens flexible LED displays aren’t going to just transform the digital signage industry,” said NanoLumens® President Rick Cope. “They are going to revolutionize it beyond our wildest imaginations. Whether it’s hanging window displays, electronic message boards, digital billboards or large scale digital video displays, the uses for digital communications displays are as varied as the brands that manufacture them.

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