Flat-rate tuition allows students to take courses outside their degree plan

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University of Oklahoma regents recently approved a flat-rate tuition plan, allowing undergraduates to take up to 42 credit hours a year while technically only paying for 30.

As a 2011 OU grad who attended when every credit hour added at least $450, plus fees, to my non-resident tuition bill, I couldn’t be more excited to learn my fellow Sooners won’t have their learning stifled for monetary reasons.

Five other Big 12 universities, including UT Austin and Texas Christian University, already use flat-rate tuition plans, and I am so thankful to see my beloved alma mater adopt a plan I believe provides students the most value for their money.

By paying flat-rate tuition, students will have the opportunity each semester to add one or two extra classes in an area of personal interest without technically paying the price.

Though my 130-hour journalism degree allowed me to take a wide variety of courses, I didn’t seek out courses in disciplines such as business and economics that would’ve increased my educational debt.

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