First Yale Bulldog Mascot Gets 2nd Act As Statue

Ann McClure's picture

Yale University's first "Handsome Dan" bulldog has been dead for more than a century, but the storied mascot is about to return in a new incarnation to intimidate its Ivy League rivals.

A quarter-ton bronzed statue of the original Handsome Dan, whose taxidermied remains are a treasured icon at the school, is set to be permanently erected Wednesday at the Yale Bowl in New Haven.

The Yale faithful say it's not a moment too soon, either: The Bulldogs are set to face archrival Harvard at the Yale Bowl on Nov. 19 in The Game, the annual football matchup that's become legendary for the passions it produces on both sides.

Other than in 2006, Yale hasn't beaten Harvard since 2000 -- and they're hoping the revival of the original Handsome Dan, or at least his bronze doppelganger, might help spur a turnaround. At a minimum, they think it'll make an impression and underscore Yale's school spirit as fans stream into the stadium for that Saturday game and other events.

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