First Polytechnic students to get free tuition

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How do you attract top tech students to a new university that has no track record, no accreditation and not much in the way of amenities save for a world-class architectural jewel of a building?  Let 'em in for free.

Faced with that dilemma, Florida Polytechnic University officials on Wednesday unveiled their strategy: Let 'em in for free.

Poly officials said they are looking to the school's newly organized foundation to help raise tuition scholarships for all 500 students expected to make up the first undergraduate classes in the fall of 2014. "It's a recruiting tool," said Poly Chief Operating Officer Ava Parker. "We see scholarships as a way to recruit the best and brightest to our university."

Trustees have not yet decided whether to extend the scholarship offer in the new students' subsequent years or to make it a full four-year free ride for incoming freshman, Parker said.

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