Fired Texas A&M Executive Says Showing Knife Was A Joke

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A longtime adviser to Gov. Rick Perry, upset over his abrupt firing at a Texas university, admitted Thursday he told staff he would surrender his office keys only if "anyone is man enough to take them" -- all while brandishing a pocketknife in what police called a "nonthreatening" way.

Jay Kimbrough didn't deny the confrontation detailed in a Texas A&M University police report, which includes the 64-year-old telling a school attorney to "bring it on." He was escorted off campus and quoted an Army war hero -- "I shall return!" -- before riding off on his motorcycle.

But the ex-Marine, who has built something of a swashbuckling persona while filling various roles for Perry, said the incident was a matter of A&M officials not being familiar with his personality.

"There was no threat," Kimbrough said. "This is Texas. Some people have guns when they jog. Some people have pocketknives. It was a joke."

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