Ferris State: Michigan's Ban On Affirmative Action Meant Fewer Tools To Attract Minorities

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Ferris State University says a constitutional amendment – struck down Thursday, Nov. 15 by a federal appellate court – banning affirmative action in college admissions gave administrators fewer tools to build a diverse student body.

But administrators stressed that even with Proposal 2, otherwise known as the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative, Ferris has continued to attract strong numbers of minority students to campus.

“When prop 2 did come in, it did limit to some degree what universities can do,” said Marc Sheehan, a university spokesman. However, “we’ve worked pretty well within the restraints of prop 2. We’re going to continue to work towards having a diverse and tolerant campus within whatever legal framework we’re faced with.”

Sheehan said Ferris opposed Proposal 2 when it came before voters in 2006. Ferris never used race as consideration for admittance, but after the measure was approved the university stopped offering a small number of scholarships geared toward minorities.

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