Ferris Criticizes State's Approach To Funding Higher Education; Calls Some Requirements 'Intrusive'

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Ferris State University said a slight one-time boost to its annual state appropriation this year was a welcome change after years of cuts, but lawmakers should develop a sustainable way to fund higher education, according to the university’s most recent annual audit.

“It’s unclear whether this formula will continue in the future, or how it might be modified,” administrators wrote, referencing a 3 percent boost to the state’s higher education budget. “Increase support is much needed but it is disappointing these funds were provided as one-time monies to support what are base university operating costs.”

Under the state’s budget, Ferris received a $1.6 million boost, bringing its total budget to $42.9 million. The university also received $1.2 million in tuition restraint funding – the second most of the state’s 15 public universities. It was the first time since 2008 that the state had pumped more into the higher education budget, according to the audit.

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