Federal Judge Unseals U of Montana Rape Discipline Case

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A federal judge has unsealed court documents against the wishes of the University of Montana that show university officials voted to expel a student accused of rape after he unsuccessfully requested that the judge intervene in his disciplinary proceedings.

The case against the unnamed student is one of 11 that have surfaced amid reports that rape allegations involving university students were going unreported or not being followed through. The university's response to the allegations, some of which involve football players, is the subject two federal investigations and a probe by the NCAA.

Both the university and student requested that U.S. District Judge Dana Christensen keep the case sealed from the public. But Christensen wrote in his order Tuesday that neither could justify keeping it secret.

"The University of Montana is a public institution, and while there may be good reasons to keep secret the names of students involved in a University disciplinary proceeding, the Court can conceive of no compelling justification to keep secret the manner in which the University deals with those students," Christensen wrote.

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