Federal funding crucial to university research

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Our nation has proven time and time again that long-term partnerships yield long-term success. Achievements ranging from the space program, the development of the Internet, and the mapping of the human genome all demonstrate how partnerships among the federal government, higher education and the private sector can push innovation into the stratosphere and beyond.

This month, The Science Coalition is releasing a report, "Sparking Economic Growth 2.0," underscoring the diversity of companies spun off from research conducted at the nation's research universities. The report highlights the thread linking federal investment in fundamental research to economic growth and the development of the innovation economy.

Two of the companies highlighted, ColdQuanta and Line-Rate, are examples of companies developed from research conducted at the University of Colorado at Boulder, where 71 companies based on CU-Boulder technologies have been spun off over the last 20 years. In addition to now being worth many millions, these companies have brought new high-tech jobs to Colorado that did not exist before.

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