FAMU Tuition Increase Proposal Approved

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The FAMU Board of Trustees voted on a proposal to increase tuition by eight percent. During the board's meeting last week, Trustee Torey Alston rhetorically asked if students will get an eight percent increase in education.

Elizabeth Davenport, Ph.D, a FAMU professor addressed the board to give her answer. She says, "I really don't know if they will. We have a math department that needs more math teachers. We have an English department that needs more English teachers and we have sciences that need to be re-staffed."

Administrators say tuition hikes make it difficult to keep students.

FAMU President Dr. James Ammons says new student enrollment went down 18 percent from last year and administrators say that could mean a $2.5 milliion hit.

"We have to find a way to reduce student debt loads. this is important work that needs to be done. It has my focus to ensure that we find a way to lower the cost of attendance here at Florida A&M University."

Dr. Ammons says nine percent of funding comes from alumni.

He says they hope to get it up to 12 percent by next year getting the financial support to go with their undeniable school spirit.

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