Famed 'Mural' Headed To L.A. Despite Beefs From Iowans

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Jackson Pollock’s iconic and controversial painting, “Mural,” will be headed west to Los Angeles for nearly two years, despite complaints from some Iowans that the painting has spent little time on the University of Iowa campus in recent years.

The university will ship the abstract expressionist artwork to the Getty Museum later this summer for study and conservation as part of a research project into modern paintings, a museum official said.

Pollock’s painting, valued at $150 million in 2008 and considered by some the most significant painting in the world since World War II, will remain in Los Angeles for 21 months before returning to Iowa. Research and conservation work is scheduled to last 18 months, followed by three months of public display at the museum.

“The technical study will reveal some really interesting information about what kind of paints (Pollock) used, about how he used them,” said Melissa Abraham, museum spokeswoman.

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