Fade Out: Univ of North Dakota's Kelley Explains Fighting Sioux Transition On Campus

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UND President Robert Kelley has sent a memorandum throughout the campus community about the ongoing transition away from the Fighting Sioux nickname and logo.

The memorandum, which recounts recent legislative action allowing the transition to proceed, also refers to a “frequently asked questions” posting on the university’s nickname/logo web site, http://nickname.und.edu/logo.

Kelley wrote that he has “directed the Athletics Department and the Office of University Relations to initiate transition processes with the goal of substantially completing them by the end of December,” as directed on Aug. 15 by the State Board of Higher Education.

“For example, you will see references to the nickname and the use of the logo disappearing from the UND web site, except where it makes sense to retain them for historical or similar reasons,” Kelley wrote. “The university will also remove nickname images and verbiage from university-owned facilities, except for their use in historical or similar applications, such as championship banners.”

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