Faculty At Southern University Baton Rouge Split On Furloughs

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Some Southern University faculty members want to withdraw their voluntary furlough agreements, but the administration is not planning to give in. "Our position is we're going to go forward with all of those who submitted their furlough agreements," Southern Chancellor James Llorens told The Advocate newspaper Wednesday.

Llorens had previously said at least 90 percent of the tenured faculty needed to accept 10 percent of their job time off without pay in order to avoid the university declaring a financial emergency, called exigency.

Fewer than 65 percent of the faculty -- about 130 of 210 tenured faculty -- signed such furlough agreements so the exigency request stood.

But the Southern Board of Supervisors refused last week the request to declare exigency, which would have given the administration more leeway in eliminating academic programs and laying off faculty more quickly.

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