Faculty Senate Feud With Southern U At New Orleans Chancellor Heats Up

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Ratcheting up its feud with Chancellor Victor Ukpolo, SUNO's Faculty Senate is demanding that Southern University System President Ronald Mason Jr. remove Ukpolo by the end of the semester. But Mason's initial reaction Tuesday to the four-page letter, in which Senate President Joseph Bouie Jr. made that demand, was one of support for Ukpolo, who has been SUNO's chancellor since 2006.

"My observation is that Dr. Ukpolo is an excellent chancellor and SUNO benefits from his presence," Mason said.

He dismissed as "not supported by the facts" Bouie's allegations of Ukpolo's unethical behavior, dereliction of duty to protect SUNO's programs and accreditation, and failure to reinstate terminated academic programs and speed up the repair of Hurricane Katrina-related damage.

Ukpolo concurred in Mason's assessment of Bouie's letter, saying it "totally misrepresents and excludes several facts."

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