Experts Discuss How To Encourage Student To Get Higher Degrees

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Iowa and other Midwestern states must better prepare their high school graduates for a post-secondary education and encourage more students to seek that education to help meet a pending deficit of educated workers, one higher education expert said Monday.

Jamie Merisotis, president and CEO of the Lumina Foundation for Education, a private foundation that focuses on enrolling and graduating more students from college, said students need better guidance on the resources and financial aid available to them, and educators and policymakers need to better align the path between K-12 education, college and the workplace.

“They must work to ease the transition points in the pipeline by aligning standards,” Merisotis said during a speech Monday before the Midwest Higher Education Compact.

The compact, which is composed of commissioners from 12 Midwestern states, is holding its annual meeting in downtown Iowa City this week.

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