Experian Data Quality releases new cloud-based email validation

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Experian Data Quality, a part of Experian Marketing Services and a leading provider of contact data management software and services, today announced the release of new email validation software that allows businesses to maximize return on investment and communication efforts through the email channel. The new tool offers faster validation speed, simplified response codes and improved match rates.

“Email represents a critical link between brands and consumers. In fact, in a recent Experian Data Quality research study, businesses identified email as the most important communication channel, followed by social media and phone,” said Thomas Schutz, general manager, Experian Data Quality. “Our new product enhancements align with Experian Data Quality’s commitment to helping our clients efficiently and accurately capture contact data to enable downstream processes, analytics and cross-channel marketing.”

With 36 percent of U.S. companies operating across five or more communication channels, according to the same recent Experian Data Quality study, email is an extremely valuable part of any omnichannel strategy. QAS Email allows users to validate business and consumer email addresses at the point of entry, allowing Experian Data Quality clients to collect a greater number of valid emails and ultimately better connect with their customers and prospects.

For more information, visit http://www.qas.com/email-verification.htm.

About Experian Data Quality

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