Excise Enforcement Effort Targets Binge Drinking, Tailgating At Indiana College Campuses

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When the glossy-eyed young man stumbled toward the street, his "Indiana Fightin' Hoosiers" sweatshirt and jeans caked in mud, Sgt. Bill Turner knew he'd have to intervene.

Turner had seen it many, many times before: A drinking party gets out of hand and another college kid ends up in jail, or worse, the hospital. He expected the scenario to play out once again at Indiana University's homecoming game Saturday against Michigan State.

"Our main concern right now is to make sure, one, he doesn't stumble in front of traffic and get hit, run over, killed," said Turner, a member of the Indiana State Excise Police. "And two, make sure he doesn't go back, pass out and vomit, aspirate and die."

This is the first fall semester that the Excise Police are implementing their Intensified College Enforcement program, a concerted effort spearheaded to curb underage drinking and related behavior -- such as binge drinking -- at six colleges across the state: Ball State, Indiana State, Notre Dame, Purdue, Butler and IU.

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