Excel Software Ships LicenseSupport 2.0 for Software Support and License Integration

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Excel Software, a leading supplier of Mac and Windows software protection tools, announced LicenseSupport 2.0. LicenseSupport consists of a desktop application used by a customer support person and an application programming interface to the Safe Activation server. Safe Activation is an online activation service that works with software protection and licensing tools including QuickLicense, DocProtect, AppProtect and LicenseSupport. LicenseSupport 2.0 adds major enhancements to the programming interface for the new Safe Activation Service 3.

A software vendor can use LicenseSupport to manage customer licenses for protected applications and documents. With modest technical skills, a customer support person can provide an activation code, reset a license, block an activated license before issuing a refund or change the number of allowed activations for a serial number.

LicenseSupport can be used directly with a customer running a protected application or document. It also works indirectly through the Safe Activation server. This task-oriented tool prompts the customer support person for the required information and generates a license code to support a customer by phone, email or web. LicenseSupport stores customer records, maintains an historical log of support activities, provides integrated email support and presents a secure login process.

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