ExamSoft Announces Revolutionary Offline Testing Application for iPad

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ExamSoft Worldwide, a leader in secure, easy, and reliable computer-based testing software, today announced its plans to release the first known mobile application for secure, offline exam delivery on the iPad. By eliminating the need for an Internet connection and blocking network access during exams, the new application solves the reliability issues often associated with wireless network dependency.

"We're finding that iPads are ideal for increasing student engagement, collaboration, and developing competencies in specific disciplines," said Stuart Glogoff, Senior Consultant, The Office of Instruction and Assessment, University of Arizona

According to a Harris Interactive study, tablet ownership among college students has tripled in the past year with a majority of students using the WiFi-based iPad. This is a trend Eric Ermie, program manager for testing and evaluation at The Ohio State University College of Medicine, says can be a challenge to support, due to the increasing demand on campus network resources.

“Students are carrying multiple WiFi enabled devices on campus, and they expect to be able to use this technology seamlessly in the classroom,” said Ermie. “However, we’ve learned that even the most advanced wireless infrastructure can’t promise 100 percent reliability, let alone consistent, rapid performance, and that’s just not acceptable when delivering high-stakes exams.”

ExamSoft has a long, proven track record of delivering exams offline to enhance schools’ administrative flexibility, security, reliability, and convenience.

“In many ways, it is harder to develop an offline testing solution than an online solution, but our clients really see the unique benefits and we’ve successfully delivered millions of exams this way,” said Mark Haney, vice president of technology for ExamSoft Worldwide, Inc.

“Universities face complex challenges, serving students who come in with high expectations for leveraging their laptops, iPads, and smart phones on campus,” said David Schnabel, ExamSoft president. “That’s why we’ve developed a flexible solution that enables students to use any or all of these devices, without burdening their schools’ wireless infrastructure.”

In fact, ExamSoft enables schools to test students on laptops, desktops, Scantron forms, and now iPads. Regardless of the exam delivery method, exam results are all centrally aggregated to help each school focus on outcomes, rather than logistics. In the end, schools are able to break down the barriers that prevent them from measuring and achieving their learning and assessment goals.

In addition to improving exam delivery, ExamSoft’s complete testing and analytics solution provides valuable student-specific reporting and feedback to help measure and impact learning.

“In the long run, all of this ties back to the broader goal of improving learning outcomes,” said Daniel Muzquiz, CEO for ExamSoft. “We want to help faculty and administrators connect in every way possible to students, with a much quicker and efficient means to assess students and give them the personal feedback they need for continuing success.”

ExamSoft’s iPad application will be available later this calendar year.

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