Ex-UMass President Gets $568,429 Deal

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When Jack Wilson stepped down from the University of Massachusetts presidency in June, he kept one important perk: his presidential salary.

This academic year, Wilson is receiving his old base salary of $425,000 - the same as new president Bob Caret and more than most university presidents - while on a one-year sabbatical.

Wilson also cashed in $150,000 in deferred compensation owed to him from the last four years. With that, he has received a total of $568,429 from UMass so far this calendar year, making him the fourth highest-paid public employee in the state.

Next year, when he begins teaching higher education, emerging technologies, and innovation at UMass Lowell, he may earn a salary of up to $316,784, close to triple what the average full professor makes either at that campus or the university’s flagship campus in Amherst. The final amount will be determined under an agreement that was not publicly discussed nor ratified by the full UMass board of trustees.

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