Ex-prof sues Pomona College for discrimination

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A former Pomona College professor is suing the school, claiming she was refused tenure and fired because she is Hispanic and a woman.

Alma Martinez filed the discrimination and wrongful termination suit Tuesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

Martinez, an assistant professor of theater, contends that in January, she was improperly refused a promotion to associate professor that would have granted her tenure and was told that she would be terminated. Her last day was June 30.

"Her department backed her 100 percent for tenure" and Martinez was never told why it was refused, said Victor Viramontes, national senior counsel for the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, which filed the suit on her behalf.

Martinez, who holds a doctorate degree from Stanford University, has never been granted access to documents that might detail reasons for her termination, but it appears that her academic qualifications and scholarship were not questioned, Viramontes said.

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